Do it all again

Submitted by Ray on Sun, 05/18/2008 - 01:16

Time is upon us yet again for the tri-monthly visa run, although this time its a big one. Our 1 year [12 month] visa allows us to stay for 15 months by doing the final renewal before the year is up. It is now 15 months since we went to Kuala Lumpur for our Non-B immigrant visa's, now we gotta do it all again!!

I really do despise the visa runs, it is so much hassle, having to get lawyers involved, travel all the way to god-know-where, and spend a shit load of cash doing it. There may be a speck of light on the horizon though if we go for the full one year visa with no visa runs, I will embellish further when I have had the chance to digest all the details. Anyone that has frequented will understand that it is so misleading and trying to understand what exactly you qualify for can be contradictory if you read everyone's stories.

So I probably wont get a chance to post for the next week or so, we still dont know if we are gonna extend it slightly and have a wee break down in Koh Lanta, maybe, we will see.