Submitted by Ray on Mon, 06/23/2008 - 09:24

It has taken me a while to write this post, not because the subject matter is hard or poses problems, but because I am angry, damn angry!

My last post detailed us trotting merrily off to Malaysia in search of a nice shiny new 1 year non-immigrant B multiple entry visa. A simple enough task when you consider that I have everything in place that I should regarding company papers and work permit. I pay tax every month, a damn sight more than many foreigners working here, and I know for sure that the application supporting paperwork was up to scratch; yet the Penang visa office still gives me a 3 month single entry! WTF!

I could go on and on about this; believe me I have on many occasions, about how small foreign owned/ran businesses aren’t welcome in Thailand. The government is against us, really, they put so many obstacles in your way and make every step a lengthy and costly process, we should all just have ATM stamped on our foreheads upon arrival at the border.

After numerous attempts to find out the reason for refusal as they also refuse to explain why or give you any reason whatsoever, it seems that the Penang office is interpreting some command from Bangkok in how to handle 1 year visa requests. It seems that the order is not to refuse them but they are simply refusing them all to be clear they are adhering to the new regulation, did they read the orders?

Better yet, it seems that also the law is changing soon RE: foreign owned businesses and visa regulations, quite what the changes are; no one knows, hence why the visa office is knocking back applications, in fear of the unknown.

Anyway, that’s that, if anyone is going to Penang for a visa longer than 3 months, good luck. I have also been told that even if you visit KL there is only a 75% chance you will get the visa, it must be filtering through the offices. So here’s to the next 3 months until I have to YET AGAIN leave the country, spend lots of money doing it, find an embassy that is going to give me a decent visa and then cross my fingers.

It really makes me wonder if this is all worthwhile?