Its been a while...

Submitted by Ray on Wed, 07/30/2008 - 15:46

Yeah, yeah, I know I aint done a post for over a month, well I thought I would get one in before the month is up. I am gonna keep this short as I have a couple of posts in the oven but they need a little bit longer to cook em up just right.

While you are waiting, why not have a look around the site, I have added a few new features/widgets to the sidebars mainly consisting of my affiliations to certain social networks. My most active of late has been Last FM, Twitter and Flickr, these are where m. This is why I wanted to pull content from these networks into my personal site, helps to optimize the domain a bit with outbound links as well as the obvious inbound links from these content items.

The addition of current content I hope makes up somewhat for the lack of posts :)