photo fever

Submitted by Ray on Tue, 09/09/2008 - 16:05

Something that has been holding me back for a while now is the lack of a decent camera. My old Sanyo point and click has seen better days since its purchase in Hong Kong some 6 years ago. It is so frustrating to use now since it started having power problems and it now takes about 3 seconds to take a picture, I felt I was missing out on so many fantastic shots because my camera wasn't up to the task. I have been scouring the market for a while now searching for a nice Canon EOS at a decent price, but last week whilst on our tri-monthly sabatical to the mainland [shopping], I saw a good deal for a mid-to-top range camera and just had to pick one up. The Fujifilm Finepix S5800 is probably billed more like the poor mans EOS, but after allowing it to entertain me for the last week I am hooked by its easy to use menu,10x optical zoom [and 5x digital for that extra bit] and its 0.4s shot time. A tad over 7,500 baht is reasonable I feel for a camera that will be a good training-camera for me before I eventually get myself a nice EOS-350 [@27,000 baht], donations are most welcome :). So with the introduction of my new camera, visitors to my flickr gallery will notice a marked improvement in my shots since I now have the ability to zoom, focus, adjust shutter/aperture speeds and have it switched on for more than 10 minutes without the batteries dieing.? cool dragonfly I am quite hooked on photographing dragonflies, we have so many of them swooping down over the pool all day, every day. Some of the colours are fantastic, ranging from deep reds and purples to the yellow and green ones. Getting shots of this quality is no easy task, Julia found it quite amusing watching me darting me head all over the place trying to follow them in flight; it is a damn sight easier when the land.

lizard Now and then I go for a walk with the camera, maybe down to turn on the water pump of something, but I always take the camera as you are sure to see a lizard or three on the way. This week whilst on my travels I have seen none, possibly because I am looking for them; this guy I found down at Julia's school, he frequently runs along the fence, pausing now and then to have a look around him. He was quite happy posing for me until my elbow caught the fence and he bolted off into the undergrowth.