Submitted by Ray on Sun, 01/15/2017 - 11:56

Blogging was always something that I struggled to get to grips with. Deciding on a writing style, what content items I would add or what I would actually write about - often forming an opinion on a subject can pigeonhole you as a certain type of person; I have always been rather guarded on my opinions and viewpoints, choosing to judge from afar rather than shouting from the rooftops.

Different people have their own reasons for blogging, be it to impart knowledge, serve a community of just generally to enforce their opinion about a specific subject. My own initial reasons for setting up this site were two-fold; to learn PHP - as this was at first a custom blog engine, and to keep in touch with family and friends back home - social media had not really taken hold when I first launched this site.

After growing tired of updating a site I wasn't using I decided to take this site offline, about 6 years ago now although I still kept the domain alive - who gives up their own named URL?

So now after almost 8 years since my last post I have decided to bring this site back to life so that I can use it for the next stage in a major life change. I will write more about these changes when the time is right to do so, for now I have some major site configurations and a redesign to plan.