As I thought

Submitted by Ray on Thu, 07/31/2008 - 12:46

Followed a link today from my twitter feed to a new fun app that examines your browser history. It takes the sites that you view and correlates them against listings of male and female oriented sites and then tries to guess your sex.

The processing as you can imagine is quite complicated, rather than try to explain it myself, I will paraphrase the author;

Cool image app

Submitted by Ray on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 11:21

Even although its been a busy week here I have still found time to surf around having a look at whats hot and keeping up with technology.

Something I came across a while back was a clever application called Photosynth from Microsoft, when I first read about it there was no opportunity to test it as it was still in a closed beta, now they have opened up a development version for public download. Photosynth lets you view images relating to a particular scene with each image linked to one another through dimensional geometry and relative positioning, ie - how far apart the real objects are.